Sandy Roy

Graphic Designer + Illustrator


Nulogy Illustration System


Graphic Design



Sep 2017 - Nov 2017

(2 Months)


When building their new brand, Illustration became the obvious choice for Nulogy. Rather than be limited by the rules of representation faced in photography and writing, Illustration allowed us to convey Nulogy's brand personality and distinguish their voice. Abstract concepts that would've otherwise overwhelmed the audience are easily represented with illustration's flexible and whimsical nature, allowing us to create imagery that would create a deeper emotional connection with our audience.


Nulogy's Illustrations all follow a core set of design principles. This allows for consistency both stylistically and conceptually, and serve as blueprints for the designer, while also allowing for flexibility.


A Simple, limited color palette defines
Nulogy's illustrations. A vibrant purple
perfectly compliments Nulogy's brand colors, and serves as a powerful link between the illustrations. The limited color palette should
be used to keep the illustrations simple, and
to highlight key elements in the illustration.


The illustration style relies on a prominent outline. Line should be used to define the elements in the illustration, but can also be used to add texture, or to create a specific focal point.


The illustrations should be very simple and geometric. Simple shapes should be used over complex paths. This simplicity gives the illustrations their unique look, and allows for an easily replicable aesthetic. It also allows their concepts to be easily recognized and understood by the audience.


Pattern is another important part of the illustration system, and helps support the limited color palette. Halftone patterns are used to make the illustration more adventurous and to create a cohesive look.


Nulogy's illustration library was broken down into several categories in order to create a system that is consistent and flexible. Each category was carefully created to support a specific use-case. In the end, the illustration system was broken down into the following four categories: Hero, Hero Spot, Spot and Product Illustrations.


Hero Illustrations are used to represent complex, intricate ideas and information. These illustrations should showcase Nulogy's values of teamwork, innovation, and simplicity and viewers should feel a sense of optimism, collaboration, and accomplishment. Hero illustrations typically contain 2-3 people, and a composition that is comprised of several scenes. 



Hero spot illustrations take the same ideas and values as the Hero illustrations but focus on a single idea or concept. These illustrations showcase more concrete and simple concepts. This restrained approach of the Hero spot makes it ideal for use in marketing and product.



Spot illustrations are a literal and simple representation of an idea or concept. They are usually used to accompany text, or in empty space, therefore should be kept small and simple. Line and pattern are an essential element for the spot illustrations, allowing them to stay dynamic despite their simplicity.



Product Illustrations function as mini-infographics that educate and inform viewers. These are used to highlight product features, therefore the focal point should be of the product. Minimal embellishments are used in these types of illustrations so to not distract the audience from the information presented.



While creating an Illustration System for Nulogy, it was also important to create a system of icons to accompany the illustrations in order to create a cohesive style for the brand. The icons echo the bold outlines used in the illustrations while using a slight offset detail to emphasize details in the iconography.



Nulogy now has their own unique way to express their values and establish their brand personality. This new illustration system will give Nulogy a new way to communicate with their audience, and give them a good flexible foundation from which they can grow with as they move forward as a brand.